Warsaw Conference

Issues for Tuesday September 23rd  at the ICRN Conference in n Warsaw




If one has had to deal in person with a question of conscience due to circumstances, you may want to know if others have had a similar experience and how they have answered the question.




Christian common folks, called the grassroots can get an opportunity  for an exchange of views on ethical issues, an opportunity to tell their own story and to listen to the experience of others.


Independent  Catholic organizations like ICRN might further the creation of such opportunities by starting pilot dialogues and discussions at conferences, like was tried in Bratislava. This time it might be done with a plan to follow up some issues.




If the Warsaw participants would like to put a step in that direction, we suggest to choose some of the following issues




For dialogues on personal themes


a.    the purpose of life, now and in the past


b.    tolerance of those who think differently and those who are oriented differently,


c.    mutual support in the event of an emergency,


d.    autonomy of conscience, personal responsibility


e.    love and trust in partners,


f.     family planning, now and in the past


g.    idols of helpfulness as an example of one's own behavior.




For discussions on social issues 


a.    refugees, personal encounter and political choice


b.    women's rights and its feasibility


c.    social justice for the less fortunate


d.    saving the planet with environmental measures


e.    populism and docility


f.     approach of unemployment


g.    xenophobia, analysis of devotion