24. August 2019
09. July 2019
ICRN Conference in Warsaw sepetember 22-27 2019
13. May 2019
Quotes show dependency
28. April 2019
In the new dream you loose yourself for justice, in work for children, needy people and for saving the planet
03. April 2019
The future Christian tries to find the path of Jesus by listening only to those who follow the same route
10. March 2019
Starter’s story I asked my grown up daughter for a drink and a talk about the aim of life. I added: if you would be able to have with your two friends, I will bring two of mine. We used the template of dialogue in sixes. Eventually we learned that we could put a relevant provisional guideline of ours available for use in a bigger meeting of faithful people. All worked out well. Eventually I asked my guests to organize a similar talk at their own home if they appreciated this one, the...
05. February 2019
A popular synod can reveal and encourage how Christians in the 21st century try to put the gospel into practice. Such a synod must be prepared very carefully. Only by listening to thousands of stories about behavioral problems can it become clear how the common sense of the Christians got progressive insight from strictly following static rules to the independent search of the evangelical spirit and the way of Jesus of Nazareth. At least one year before the intended synod date, a working group...
02. January 2019
Dialogues in sixes are essential in the preparation of an ecumenical people's synod, a gathering of Christians who have considered and want to formulate the core values of their faith. A Christian wants to follow the way of Jesus of Nazareth in deeds of charity. How this task can best be carried out is a question of weighing and weighing. The circumstances of one person are often similar to those of another but they are never quite the same. Therefore, the best behavior can not be regulated...
28. November 2017
Jesus’s message was that the kingdom of justice had arrived. Unfortunately within a few years after the apostles went abroad, they obscured this message unwillingly. Paul and John set the trend. More